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2,500 Belts Hot sellers online for some people ($30,000 in Retail Value)

BBi Trading

Sale price $1,625.00 Regular price $30,000.00

Goth, Emo, punk rock, 3 studded belts. Kids, Adult, unisex, Tons of styles and all Styles that you get come with ALL Sizes this great if you are trying to expand your online business or start one. pictures are examples of items you may or may not get.

Studds on the belt are Metal

Retail on ebay is around $8 to $27 per belt  ( search 3 studded belt" on ebay)

Amazon if you add barcodes you can sell them on Amazon for around $22 each

I am Not in the retail business we have many people that buy these and Export them and come back for more